Joseph “Joe” McInerney | CEO of Banner Capital | Chicago, IL

Joseph "Joe" McInerney Chicago
2 min readMar 7, 2022

Joseph “Joe” McInerney is a busy and talented entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois with a long career branching out into many different industries. Since 1994, Jospeh McInerney has been the CEO of Banner Capital, a global advisory and management services firm dedicated to the business needs of private investors. He and his team serve a diverse client base, mainly consisting of single-family offices, closely-held businesses and high net worth individuals making investment decisions. Joseph McInerney has held a large number of managerial positions and has led diverse teams with a wide range of business goals.

Though Banner Capital is his main business, he also found much success through his real estate business, Eddy Realty Group. Along with the business’s partners, Joe McInerney and his colleagues owned and developed a large number of real estate properties surrounding the Chicago area. A few of these properties included large industrial buildings, outdoor billboards, a dance facility and more.

While managing Eddy Realty Group, Jospeh McInerney also acquired the Chicago franchise rights for Mr. Handyman, which was ranked one of the top franchises in the system. While Joseph eventually sold the company to management, he brokered numerous deals for the company, including Dilly Hills Farm in Gurnee, Illinois and campus housing in South Bend, Indiana.

Joe McInerney, a Chicago local, is a Managing Real Estate Broker, and he possesses many of the traits a real estate agent must have. He is forward-thinking, dedicated to driving significant results and passionate. Even more related to real estate, Joe has a long history of founding companies, working them up to perform as a profitable business and then selling them to investors.

Prior to owning Banner Capital, Joe McInerney of Chicago was the President of Coleman Family Office. This investment company had primary holdings in charitable game manufacturing, jet aviation, hardwood lumber products, cooperage, livestock identification and real estate. Joseph was responsible for bank financing, litigation support, business development and more.

Before this role, Joseph McInerney also worked as a small business consultant and was the Vice President for the Pritzker Family Office. This office owned noteworthy assets such as Hyatt Hotels. Joe worked with senior executives to analyze investments and their financial and tax implications on the trusts. He designed a database system here that quickly became a critical planning tool.​

In addition to his career highlights, Joseph McInerney also holds dual citizenship between the United States and Ireland. He is passionate about Irish Ceili dancing, sports, Scrabble, and history. In all aspects of his life, he values being a trustworthy, fun, resourceful and hardworking person.



Joseph "Joe" McInerney Chicago

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